Platinum Studios Dance and Pageantry Inc. - QUALITY Dance and Pageantry for EVERYONE!


30 min. Classes- $20 monthly
45 min. Classes- $25 monthly

Discounts and Scholarships Military Discount- 50% off class fees
**Scholarships 10 of each Available contact Brittany Fenley for further info**
Half-off Scholarship- Monthly Dance Fees are 50% off (proof of income required, must make under $50k annually)Full Scholarship- No Monthly Dance Fees (proof of income required, must make under $25k annually) 
Other Fees you will be responsible for....
Costume Fees range from $50-$60 and are due NO LATER THAN November 15th.
Dance Shoes- you will be responsible for dance shoes

Ballet: Basic Ballet Shoe (any color)
Tap: Basic Tap Shoe (any color)
Jazz: Basic Jazz Shoe (any color)
HipHop: Basic Tennis Shoe (any color)

If you feel you ABSOLUTELY cannot afford this, please message Brittany and we will Discuss and negotiate options. 


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