Platinum Studios Dance and Pageantry Inc. - QUALITY Dance and Pageantry for EVERYONE!

Platinum Studios Spring Schedule 2018 Season!


The dance season will begin on 1/2!  Pricing/Costumes info included as well as sign-up link.

Spring Registration Sign-Up Link

*~*3-4 year old Ballet Class*~* 
$20 Monthly
Your child will learn the basics of ballet in a fun and playful way to keep them engaged!

Tuesday's- 6:15-6:45pm (Cindel)
Wednesday's- 6:15-6:45pm (Jessica)
Friday's- 5:00-5:30pm (Jessica)

*~* 5-7 year old Classes *~*
$25 monthly
We offer combo classes for this age level. The classes will teach both types of dance and offer a recital for each style!

Ballet/Tap Combo Class
Wednesday's- 5:30-6:15pm (Jessica)

Jazz/HipHop Combo Class
Friday's- 5:30-6:15pm (Jessica)

*~* Ages 5-8 KickHop *~*
$20 Monthly
KickHop is a cross between Kickline and Hip-Hop! This is a high energy class that is perfect for those who are interested in joining danceline as they get older or those interested in learning some of the basics of hip-hop in a fun and unique way!!

Thursday's- 5:30-6:00pm (Cindel)

*~* 8 And Up classes*~*
$25 Monthly

Jazz/HipHop Combo Class- Ages 8-10
Tuesday's- 6:45-7:30pm  (Cindel)

Ballet  Class- 8 and Up ($20 monthly)
Friday’s 7:45-8:15pm  (Jessica)

*~* 10 and Up Student Classes*~*
$25 Monthly

10 and Up KickHop (see above description)
Tuesday's- 7:30-8:15pm (Cindel)

10 and Up Teachers Choice Combo Class
(The instructor will decide the dance styles with the students input)
Wednesday's- 7:30-8:15pm (Jessica)

*~* Boy's HipHop Ages 5 and Up  *~*
$20 Monthly
Always a huge hit! Boys will learn a cool Hiphop!

Thursday's- 6:00-6:30pm  (Cindel)

$40 Monthly (your dates, and fees will be talked about after tryouts!)

Scholarships and Discounts:
Please contact Brittany Fenley directly for scholarship requests.
We will be offering a 50% off sibling discount this season.


"Let's Play!"
Our second recital will be our BIG spring recital with the fancy themed costumes! These costumes will cost between $30-$50. We will have a fundraiser in September to help cover the cost for you! These Costume payments are due during final registration week!

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